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When Kalyan and Radhika Met at Their Kalyanam

At a time when most people find it very important to have a courtship period, this couple completely rule it out and meet for the first time just a few minutes before their wedding. Surprising! Isn’t it? Love can do wonders and love can make you do anything. Kalyan and Radhika were so sure of marrying each other that they agreed for the alliance and decided to meet only on the day of the wedding. Let’s find out how this power couple decided if they had found the right match.

The very cute Radhika begins the conversation, “We met on BharatMatrimony and soon started chatting with each other.

When Kalyan and I spoke, at first it was such a casual conversation. It felt like we had known each other for long. It felt like I was speaking to a friend. He was very frank and open, which I found really impressive. We conveyed to our families that we wanted to go ahead with the marriage and decided to meet each other only on the day of the wedding.” Kalyan adds to this, “I just met her a few minutes before our wedding ceremony. We both were quite nervous but extremely excited to meet each other. The moment I met her it was so amazing. It really was a great feeling. Whatever little inhibitions we had about each other instantly disappeared and we were just waiting to get married and spend the rest of our lives together.” Aren’t they cute?

I ask the happily married couple if they have given any surprises to each other. To this Radhika starts, “I was so elated to make his birthday special and give him a surprise and so I decorated the house with more than 100 balloons and lights, a homemade cake, and 11 gifts hidden in different places. The moment he came home I surprised him with all of this. I then took him out for dinner and a long drive. He was completely astonished when he saw the arrangements I made and was really happy that I did all this for him. His happiness to me is worth more than anything.” Kalyan adds, “No one has ever done so much for me for my birthday. She put in so much efforts to decorate and arrange everything. I was so happy. She really did make this the most memorable birthday. Yes! I got 11 surprised gifts hidden with clues. It was quite difficult to find the clues but yes I managed to find them all. It was really fun though.”

How is your spouse special?

Radhika says, “The biggest thing I like with him is that he is always concerned about me. He takes care of me so well and ensures to make my wishes come true. With us, it is like we are very good friends and we love being together. He is my world.” Kalyan sums it up in a line, “I am lucky enough to have found a life partner like her.”

Wishing them a wonderful and lovely journey in the future!

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