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We got Engaged at Venkateshwara Temple in New Jersey: Lavanya

First meetings are always a bit challenging while finding a life partner with a bit of nervousness and excitement keeping you restless. The moment you see their eyes, your body trembles, heartbeat rises, butterflies in your stomach, mind goes blank and your cheeks turn red. Yet, you stand still. Kiran felt exactly the same way when he met Lavanya for the first time. “I felt a bit shy. As we met in her house, I asked her to switch on the TV & listened to some pleasing music just to fill in the gaps. After a while, I was at ease and started conversing with her. We both realized that we were unnecessarily getting conscious about our meet as we got really comfortable quickly. We also went out for lunch and spoke a lot,” stated Kiran.

Kiran made a surprise visit on Lavanya’s birthday. He flew from Michigan to New Jersey just to meet her. “I was really surprised and happy when I saw him. He presented two hand bags and a watch. As we both missed Indian food, I cooked biryani for him,” says Lavanya. Though Lavanya couldn’t meet him on his birthday, online gifts paved a way to express her love. She intentionally didn’t put up her name on the gift which kept him guessing but soon he figured out that it is from her and he was so happy. When you are in love, you tend to be impish to make your beloved ones happy.

The lovely pair pulled off their engagement in New Jersey on their own. “We both were very keen to have our engagement in a traditional way. So we hired a priest and our betrothal took place in a Venkateshwara Temple in New Jersey. Our friends helped us in everything from shopping to decorating the hall. And our parents were connected through video call,” said Lavanya. “It is always good to have someone to share everything with. In that way I feel very lucky to have Kiran around me. He has brought out the side of me that I have never discovered, and I love that he understands me so well.”

Lavanya shared something about their wedding shopping. “After coming to India, we had only fifteen days left for our wedding. So, we were in a bit of a rush to complete the shopping soon. Both our families joined together for the wedding shopping. I always wanted his opinion. He chose an elegant green color saree for the reception.”

The couple also spoke about their honeymoon to Maldives, “It was a four-day trip to Maldives and it was so relaxing and tranquil. One of the unforgettable moments was when we tried snorkelling. Lavanya struggled a bit but I helped her out and together we did the adventure together and I had so much fun. It was the most romantic trip ever,” concludes Kiran.

Wishing Lavanya and Kiran many more happy memories together!

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