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Waited All My Life, Found Her in a Month on BharatMatrimony

Love for unique qualities in each other made them special.

A best friend for life

No matter how many close friends you have, you always need that special someone, a companion, to complete your life. The fun loving Nanduri speaks up about his courtship days and tells me, "Within a month of registering on BharatMatrimony... I found my wife." I ask him to tell me if he had an ideal in mind and he responds, "My only criterion was to find a best friend for life."

Sreedevi also precisely remembers the day when they exchanged numbers, "It was on the 23rd of October that we exchanged numbers and just two weeks later, we met in Hyderabad." Nanduri enlightens me about their first meet and says, "After the formal meeting in Hyderabad, our informal meet was in Pune at her place."

When opposites attract

Sreedevi bursts out giggling when I ask her if both of them are similar or opposites, "We are poles apart. My world is very different from his. I am a very reserved person." I like sitting at home with my books whereas he loves to go out, travel and party. I pose the same question to Nanduri and he agrees to his wife, "Yes! She is right, I love to socialize but she's more of an introvert."

Sreedevi adds in saying that her husband is very talkative and always keeps her entertained and amused. "He is a great conversationalist. I also talk but not as much as him." I try to reconfirm her statement with Nanduri but he has a contradicting perspective, "Well... she talks more than me and our phone calls start with one topic but end on a completely different topic," he laughs.

Their special moments

Poles apart, their most cherished moments with each other are different from each other as well for this high spirited couple. Sreedevi recalls her very special memory and says, "I was returning from China when I saw him standing right in front of my apartment in Pune to receive me. That felt extremely special." But for Nanduri, it is something different that is very close to his heart - the New Year. "It was the New Year when we spent a lot of time together. That was indeed a beautiful day to remember."

Not nervous. After all I was marrying my best friend!

When I ask the couple about their wedding, Nanduri gets talking and tells, "The wedding happened in Hyderabad over two days. It was a mixture of both a grand ceremony and also a private affair." Sreedevi adds, "His family made all the arrangements for the wedding." Nanduri adds, "All I can say is our wedding was just like a celebration. We weren’t nervous at all during our wedding preparations. After all I was marrying my best friend!"

Life after marriage? "There is no difference at all after marriage," Sreedevi from Pune and Nanduri from Hyderabad speak out the same. "I have got the best of both worlds. I not only enjoy the perks of being married, but also am in touch with my singlehood."

"We are still best friends" - Sreedevi and Nanduri

We wish them a lifetime of happiness and togetherness

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