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I Found My Princess for a Lifetime

"Our journey of romance started when we met at the park."

In a time when people prefer to hang out at cafes and restaurants, this couple decided to make their first meet special by meeting at a park, close to nature. Anil couldn’t restrict himself from narrating to me his beautiful encounter of love with Pragna, "Our first meet was at a beautiful park in Hyderabad. We decided on a park so that we could open up to each other without any disturbances around. We started with some general conversations about our likes and dislikes,

future plans, and after endless hours of talking realized that we have so much in common. Apart from the fact that I was completely awestruck with her beauty, I was admiring the way she spoke about herself, her expressive conversations and gestures, and her slight shyness while speaking to me. By the end of our happy conversations I just felt something so beautiful that I cannot explain in words."

What's her best quality?

Anil is just all praises for her, "Pragna has got all the qualities I was looking for in my life partner. I like her character, she is adaptable and follows good ethics. She understands me like none other and is very friendly. I think these are the main reasons that made me love her so much. I am happy to get a wife like Pragna."

Pragna says, "He is a man of extraordinary patience and he also handles all kinds of situations with ease. Most importantly his love and affection towards me makes me more strong. I thank him for being a wonderful support in my life."

Flattered with her beauty

"I clearly remember the time I was waiting for my bride during the wedding rituals and there she comes, all the beauty in the world put together in one woman. She looked like a princess." Anil was enchanted by Pragna’s beauty, isn't it?

A perfect weekend together

Anil opens up, "A perfect weekend for me is usually spending time with her, like going for a movie or watching our favourite shows online. Both of us like travelling so we also set out to explore new places. No matter what we do, spending good time with her is what makes the weekend enjoyable for me."

Pragna gives me a similar answer saying, "We get free time mostly on weekends only. A perfect weekend is spending time with my husband or going out with him."

We wish the couple a lifetime of happiness.

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