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He Is the Man of My Dreams

Praveen and Deepa developed a great bond even before wedding. Praveen also confesses that it was love at first sight for him. Let’s find out how this couple decided to marry each other...

It is always nice to know how people meet each other, fall in love and get married.

I start the conversation by asking, what were you looking for in your life partner? Deepa, with full of enthusiasm, says, “I was looking for someone from the same location and that’s when I found the profile of Praveen. Not only was he from the same place as me but we also had many similarities.

I felt that I could connect with him well. My mother also liked his profile and so I showed interest. When he spoke to me and my mom over the phone I liked the way was conversing with us which impressed me a lot.” Mother’s choice is always the best. I am sure, we all agree that! My mother and I both were confident about him and so I thought I should probably go ahead with his profile. When I pose the same question to Praveen, he says, “Somethings cannot be decided, it just happens and if it is meant to be, it will come to you no matter what.” When I ask about their first meet, Praveen gets all excited and says, “I was extremely nervous before our first meet, but the moment I saw her all my nervousness changed into happiness. It was love at first sight for both of us.” That’s lovely! So how long did you talk to him? I ask Deepa. She giggles and says, “We hardly spoke anything. We looked at each other and could see the attraction we had in the eyes. It all seemed so perfect.” That’s so cute!

I then ask them who proposed first. Deepa spills the beans, “He proposed to me on the day of our engagement. After our engagement, we had planned for a pre-wedding shoot at Pashan Lake. It was such a romantic climate, and was drizzling as well. He went down on his knee, and gave me a big bouquet of roses and slid a ring into my finger. I never expected him to do that. Love was in the air.” Isn’t it like a filmy proposal?

Their wedding was a grand affair. When asked about any special memory from their wedding Deepa, with full of enthusiasm, says, “We had our wedding in Tirupati. I loved all the rituals. We had to drop rice on each other’s heads for 3 times which was fun to do. This is a lovely memory I remember from our wedding day.”

I ask Praveen, how is life after marriage? “Life after marriage is amazing. It feels so perfect and complete now. I am so lucky to have found an amazing partner.”

What is the one thing you love about her? I ask. “Her cuteness and simplicity is what makes her different from others.” When I ask Deepa the same thing, she says, “His caring nature and his honesty.”

I ask Deepa, if you have to describe your man in a line, what would it be? She says, “Praveen is the kind of man I wanted as a life partner. He is the kind of man I have dreamt to get when I was growing up. I must say, he is my dream come true.”

Wishing Them All The Happiness!

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