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BharatMatrimony Brought Luck into My Life: Mounisha

When your wavelength and interests match with someone, life becomes a celebration. Mounisha and Sathish are united by their similar perspectives towards life. I ask the joyful couple about one unforgettable moment and both came up with the same answer. It was their house warming day and also their 100th day together as a married couple. Mounisha begins, “We were quite lucky that both of this fell on the same day. All our friends and family members joined to celebrate the occasion. Sathish also surprised me with a video collage. He brought together all our cherished moments in a single video.

I was overwhelmed by his affection.” Sathish adds, “When the video began, she looked at me with a surprised reaction. As it continued, her face was glowing with happiness. Since we were busy with our new house, she was quite astonished as to when I found the time to do this. I wanted to make our day memorable and I did it.”

I ask Mounisha about their weekend plan, to which she says, “Whenever we get time, we go for movies and roam around the city and visit parks. Then we end up in a restaurant.” She laughs for a moment and continues, “We go crazy over food as we are both foodies.”

I then put forth a question to Sathish to tell about the things that make their life more exciting, “We both like to explore new things. Whenever I encounter something new, I immediately share it with her and so does she. We talk for hours together. I feel the conversations I have with her are priceless.”

Sathish shares his experience about their first meet, “Our first meeting was at her home. She was a bit hesitant and so, I broke the ice and started a conversation. The moment I went back to my house, I called her up and confessed my liking for her. ”

When I ask about what she likes about her husband, she just cannot stop complimenting him, “He is the most lovable person. The thing that I wonder about him is he never gets angry. He is always calm and composed. I feel really lucky to have found him on BharatMatrimony.”

The lovely pair also share moments from their wedding day. Sathish says, “We wanted our wedding to be unique and splendid. We did not even use invitation cards.” I was perplexed and curious by his response. So I ask him, how did he invite? “We released a teaser on social media” he says coolly. He adds, “I used our pre-wedding photographs for the teaser. Our celebration was doubled as we had two reception ceremonies. One was held in Bangalore and another in Visakhapatnam because we hailed from different places.” Mounisha joins in, “There is more advantage in having two receptions as I could do double the shopping. We got to celebrate twice,” she concludes with a huge smile.

Wishing the lovely pair more celebrations in life!

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